I Have a Business: How Do I Advertise

I Have a Business: How Do I Advertise

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You started a business! Congratulations! Now how do I navigate the advertising jungle to get my business out there? In this 5-part series we are going to help you do just that.

While advertising has evolved over the years there are still things that are still the same. Yes, technology has changed things but it is really adding on to the “old school” ways of advertising. Before the internet it was print advertising. This included: the yellow pages, newspapers, door hangers, flyers etc. We have seen all of these ways change, some seem to have disappeared for periods of time and come back.

Let’s start with the Yellow Pages. This book use to be thick and bulky. When people went to this book they needed a service and for the most part would look at the full page listings first and most of the time call them. Now because of online directories, the Yellow Pages book has shrunk significantly. The publishers of these books have added online listings, websites, and apps to their customers to give them more value. People continue to do business with them to get these add-ons.

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Newspapers have become less effective because like the yellow pages most everything is online. Remember, when the Sunday paper was thick and full of classifieds, coupons, inserts and more. Now like the Yellow Pages, newspaper have shrunk. The same goes for magazines. Rolling Stone use to be a large thick publication and now it is an 8 ½ by 11 book. If you are going to advertise with newspapers and magazines, see if they have an online version as most do these days.

Two print advertising methods that were big in the past and have started to make a comeback are door hangers and flyers. I get things dropped at my house on a regular basis. Businesses wouldn’t be spending the money if they weren’t getting results. If you are going to use this type of advertising here are a few things you can do to increase your response.

Make sure your website address and email address is listed. If you have a mobile app for iPhone/Android make sure the qr codes are on there so people can simply scan and download your app. Doing this people that are technology driven will take the time to pull up your website, email you or download your app.

Yes, technology is the way of the world and is here to stay. However, offline marketing is not going away either. The key is to make sure that you use both together in a way that will benefit your business.