I Have a Business: How Do I Advertise (Websites)

I Have a Business: How Do I Advertise (Websites)

Internet Background

With the birth of the internet came the need for a website for your business. This use to be a process that required lot of money as you would have to hire a web developer that could write html and other code to build the site. Flash sites were very popular, although now they don’t load fast enough depending on a person’s internet speed.

As time has gone on websites have become easier to make and there are a number of DIY platforms that have made it easier to have a website for your business. These platforms have taken out a lot of the need for custom coding that is costly to be done.

However, you need your website to have some specifics to make it give you the result you need to be successful. Choose a domain name that reflects your business and that his easy for people to remember. You need to have relevant content, pictures etc. so it reflects what your business is about.

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Simple is better. Make sure your site is easy to navigate. The homepage should be simple and clean so people can find what they want quickly and easily.

You need to have a lead capture. This is simply on the homepage where a person can put their first name and email address. This is important. Some people will go to a site and not want to fill out a contact form. They don’t necessarily want to be called. You can have a lot of visitors but if they don’t fill out the contact form or call you then you have no way of reaching them. If you have a lead capture and all they have to do is give their name and email you will capture a good amount of people. When they do this they are giving you permission to market to them.

While we want people to call us and do business with us, make sure that your site is informative not just buy from me. People don’t always want to be sold. Even if your product/service turns out not to be for one person, if your site is informative they might know someone that will want what you are offering and share your site with them.

In this world of mobile you need your site to be mobile friendly. If your site does not come up on phones and tablets in a friendly way people will move on to one that does. Not only that they won’t recommend you to others. One bad mobile experience can really hurt your business.

Most platforms automatically make this conversion. Make sure that it does so you don’t lose potential customers by not being mobile friendly