I Have a Business: How Do I Advertise It (Social Media)

I Have a Business: How Do I Advertise It (Social Media)


Social Media? What is this? We just got use to email. With Facebook social media was born. So, what is social media? It is websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

While there are too many to mention, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, You Tube and Snapchat are some of the top social media outlets today.

I know some of you may not be a fan of social media. I can guarantee your audience is. With mobile apps social media is even easier to use than ever. Facebook really got the ball rolling. Being able to share your life with groups of people in a user friendly way caught on. Twitter made it easy to “tweet” quick updates. Instagram, get those pictures and videos out there in the moment things are happening. LinkedIn is geared to the professionals, giving people a way to find not just businesses but individuals to do business with.


Pin those products, pictures, recipes so people can see them and share them. Jump on the Pinterest train. Snapchat seems to have really taken off with the young people. Snap that picture so all your friends can see what you are up to. You Tube allows people to get videos out there quickly and easily. Look how many You Tube stars there are and how fast a video can go viral in a matter of minutes.

From a business standpoint, you need to use some form of social media or you will lose a big part of your audience. Remember, when people tag post and photos of your business, you now are exposed to their social media audience. That is “FREE” publicity and exposure.

It is important that you are consistent with your social media. You want people to see you active. This will keep them engaged and checking in to see what’s going on with your business.

Social media. Whether you love it or hate it is an important part of the puzzle in advertising your business. It’s time to get social.