Google Mobile Search Includes Android Apps

Google Mobile Search Includes Android Apps


While the news is big it is not surprising. Google has some upcoming mobile search changes, in addition to that those search results will include Android and that will allow the user to install any mobile apps that are considered relevant to the search they did. What does this mean? All mobile searches will be an extension of the Play Store which obviously Google owns. These changes will greatly benefit both the app developers as well as the SMB’s that have an app.

We all know by now that mobile is growing exponentially and that app growth is not far behind it. Now the best content in any industry will now be able to be found in mobile apps and this applies to any platform. What this change by Google does is allow the user to find the best results for their query, and it doesn’t matter whether or not the searcher has the app on their device or not. This is the next level of App indexing which is the ability to see search results on an app that you currently have on your phone.

You may still be asking yourself: How is this going to benefit me, either the SMB owner or the app developer. Picture the user searching for information on a restaurant in their local area. Not only will Google’s search display the restaurant’s website but it will also have a link to its app as well. You will find the install button right next to the search results. This will take the user to the Google Play store so they can install the app.

This cause for rejoicing by mobile app developers. With app promotion and being found in the app store being some of the biggest challenges for new apps. Google had pretty much solved this challenge for the Android Developers. We will wait and see how Apple responds to this what if any type of support iOS will provide for it’s search parameters and Safari. Should be interesting.